What All You Need:

  °4 pounds chicken 

  °liter of whey

  °1 tablespoon Tabasco or hot sauce of your choice

  °Two cups of flour

  °1/4 cup starch

  °1 teaspoon kosher salt

  °1 teaspoon celery salt

  °teaspoon paprika

  °1/2 teaspoon kosher white pepper

  °vegetable oil for frying

How To Make It:

In a large airtight container or plastic bag, add the chicken pieces, yogurt, and hot sauce. Stir to cover and cool overnight

In a medium bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, and spices. Cover the baking tray with a rack.

Lift the salted chicken out of the milk and drain each piece into flour, flipping it over and pressing down gently so it sticks all over. Place on a wire rack and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight (see note 3).

Fried chicken
Using a deep cast iron skillet, fill half the quantity with vegetable oil. If you are using a large Dutch oven, fill it half full and fry in batches.

Tip: Let the chicken come to room temperature before dropping it directly into the hot oil. Cool, from the refrigerator, the chicken will quickly change the temperature of the oil.

Raise the oil temperature to 350°-375°F before adding the chicken. The temperature will drop when the chicken enters. Fry and keep at a constant temperature of 320-325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't overload the pan, you want the chicken to be fried, not steamed! Chicken is cooked when its internal temperature reaches 165°F .

Remove from hot oil and place on wire rack to cool. Season with salt to taste and serve.

Enjoy !Southern-Fried-Chicken
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